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Paragon Equipment Issues Update

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34 minutes ago, MechEagIe-DN said:

Dude make a video with my name on his character, on same server then me , same faction then me...

Nah he don't care about you, Ncsoft or any of us. Having your name is just another crack up for him. 

Because he knows he can make and sell whatever he wants and Ncsoft can't do anything to him. 

He just mooning at all of us here lmao

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Damn these posts be better than movies these days, gota stock up on more popcorn...    

@Kibbelz Thanks for the update!  Only 2 notes: 1- It is important to consider other items being exploited too. Some things that made less noise and by that can go unseen, like runestones / d

I could answer you stupidly in the way that you write about people without knowing them, but since I am a loved person and I do not spread hate for free I will not do that. I don't waste time with a p

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11 hours ago, MechEagIe-DN said:

Bro btw 3/4 people play aion dont know my name on Discord so that a pretty epic fail
Should name ur next toon like MechhEagle, MeechEagle or something like that...
Maybe you will have better "chance" to make them belive im the one creating those paragon gears +15 
Get a life bruh!


Mmmmm, he use your dscrd name...

3/4 ppl here didnt know its....

Mmmmmm, thats mean you and him...wowowowo...

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1 hour ago, MechEagIe-DN said:

Well well well look what we got here!
Someone creat a account just for posting on paragon post as same time problem was exposed...



U Like an old granny. Saying like clear water but to get a reflection of your index finger pointing to you alone.


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