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Where my Scheduled Maintenance Kibbles !?!?!?!6


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Again @Hime did it... where our @Kibbelz....
Do you think we will get it before tomorrow or i have wake at 3 am to read it ? 
Can someone explain to me why BnS got they Scheduled maintenance note 1 hour ago and US aion still have nothing ? 
You better tell me you roll back the dmg of Abyssal splinter boss too ! 
Im tired to see our town full of bots cause of ur lack of care ...
And yo dont forget my 100 entry IDD too THx !


WTB Hime for CM i think time of Kibbles is done time hand out the gloves friend*...
Look at Hime how she do her job without having anyone forcing her !


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What i win other than looking like the only  person who care about the fact this game going down hill !?!?
If you think what going on right now with the lack of care of the GM and CM in the game is normal... you are part of the problem !
Just look how that patch is a mess ... they cant even write date of the release of the patch correctly... 
They cant give us the 100 entry of IDD we supose to have... 
They cant get hand on those hacker and abuser of the game keep walking everywhere like they bulletproof... 
They put Auto-hunt in TT map, the more usless place where all new player need it in ing/gelk for cubic...
Sorry if that hurt your feeling that i care about game and they need start carrying too!
But yeah sure call me toxic for pointing the fact.


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