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How complicated it would be to make a change where one day a month all the stones, coins, minium and other objects that are useful for the main character can be traded by account storage in order to benefit the main character or another character on the same account.


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It would take more effort to make a trading day possible than it does just making all items simply account tradeable. Also if you can trade 1 day a month that would be the same as trading any day people would simply be forced to play on that day they can trade items.

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Posted (edited)

Either once per month or every day, all players could benefit from that... but not NCSoft.

When they sell you those stuff they make them character bound for a reason, so some people will resort to p2w to get the progress if they can't wait to do it ingame manually and this means "success" in NCWest's business model.

Remember: I am not against it, I am just being rational behind the game developers' decisions to make items non tradeable. Most of the character bound items make sense to be like this, but many simply brought more problems than solving the existing ones (like items that are brokerable but not tradeable directly, these are being lost to broker snatchers or make players pay a huge fee to transfer them safely)

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