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Any news about bring back the luna (on contaminated underpath)?

It's lazy to kill 600 mobs every day for my 12 toons, Than afk on luna while doing some other stuff. 

Please bring back the LUNA like before!


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They will probably never bring it back. Stopping people with ~100 accounts from running it is apparently too much work for them. The solution they have implemented has apparently worked well enough since the server hasn't bugged since it was introduced (as far as I know) whereas before it bugged nearly every week.

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I would prefer if they removed the kinah recipe from luna window because bots do the 50-kill aimlessly (I see a ton of them) but actual players can't do that.

Additionally, I used to have like 60k luna and was using some here and there for instance resets etc and now I am down to 10k and I only can go downwards since I haven't craft a single luna since the change.

In the end real people lost luna and the kinah box, and botters practically lost nothing because they will do the 50 kills since they are not "bored" nor do they care about grinding.


Unless they make the auto hunt available everywhere, so everyone can have 100 accounts legally botting in open areas.

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