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Allow focus effect reversed? I want that depth of field look without zooming in?


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Posted about it in general already, but it looks from the two replies that perhaps there is no way to legitimately do it at this time (ie, without doing things against the rules?).

Basically if you zoom in and get the maximum distance blur, I want my game to have that, maybe slightly less (a slider or levels to choose similar to bloom would be awesome).

It just looks SO GOOD to me, it makes everything look nicer, but to see it like that, I have to zoom too close for my own comfort - I like to be zoomed out enough to not see my char shoulders bopping around, and fps view for me isn't great either - I prefer to use max camera distance setting, and go between about mid and far - if I could see the distance blurred from those points, it would be great!


Can you make depth of field a thing without having to get close? Thanks!

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