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Request: Extend 1 Kinah Retune Event

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Hello @Kibbelz! Thank you for successfully lobbying the 1 Kinah Retune Event for the game.

We hope that  the game masters would consider extending the 1 Kinah Retune Event for a week or two. Some players were planning to start gearing up their alternate characters. This was brought by the idea that sovereign gears can now be farmed in IDD. Also, the 7.9 Patch provides that players should have 100 entries for IDD a week, which supposedly makes it easier for players to finally gear up their other characters. Unfortunately, two (2) weekly maintenances since the start of 7.9, the IDD entries remain at 2 instead of 100. We hope that in the upcoming maintenance, the 100 entries in IDD per week will be provided as stated in 7.9 patch and still allow players to retune their gears for 1 Kinah.

Thank you!

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They need to have a 1 kinah retune event once a month during a weekend, like Friday~Sunday like the XP/AP buffs we have. 

It would be enough for everyone to be able to retune all the gear they accumulated in that weekend and if they didn't get their gear yet, they know next month they will get another event.

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