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Hey @Kibbelz are there any updates with IDD? Like when the correct amount of entries may be implemented, or the event situation?

In my opinion i think the entire event should restart whenever the entries for IDD is fixed, so players are given that chance to retune their new armor for 1 kinah and also experience the pve att/def buff. 

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Also, on a very separate note. Is there any way to see the current total were at for enchanting, for the event? Like just to figure out how close we are or something, it may entice more players to enchant more. 

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It makes complete sense to not give us the 100 count IDD entries because, they spit out a retune event and an event where if u enchant or use manastones it will add to the population... LIKE HOW ARE U NOT GONNA GIVE US THE 100 COUNT WHILE U RELEASE THESE EVENTS THAT COULD BE SO SO USEFUL BUT FAIL TO COMPLY WITH THE PATCH NOTE.

It just completely makes no sense, IT CANT BE THAT HARD to change the number of entries from 1 to 100.. 2 zeros LOL. GG NCSoft

So yeah. 

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