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Classic coming and no announcment ?

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if this is not a confirmation , idk what is  

Classic is great and all but I hate to say people will get bored after 6 months. The first classic patch doesn't include Tahabata weapons and such. Korea barely got those like 1 or 2 months ago. It wi

Amen.  Let people enjoy the "announcement" of classic and the upcoming release , many people are happy that they will be able to relive old memories. If you dont like the idea that's also fine but not

10 minutes ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

Tbh the worst part about the teaser is even if anyone wants to talk about the NA classic teaser they will be forced in to downloading Aion retail just to talk about it which will be such a turn off for people.

Yeah, why is that even a thing?


They'll make a forum section dedicated for classic though, hopefully soon.


If ncw actually hired any type of marketing leader though they should be putting together their own discord communities and stuff.

I swear though I don't know how this company plans to compete on a world stage with any game with how lackluster their marketing reach usually is. It's like they do the minimum possible for every game launch. I'm even kind of mad they're announcing it before e3. I honestly hope they show it at e3 or I will be so nyerking disappointed. It's literally free marketing and they've already announced they'll be there.


The fact BDO can get the level of success they can is pretty sad for aion because I consider it an overall better game (maybe not now, but back in 3-5.0 days) yet they just never market their game.


You basically can't even visit a website related to mmos without seeing BDO, and they even advertise on twitch STILL TO THIS DAY. Aion though? Here's a Facebook banner every 6 months that only boomers see. Great marketing, idiots.

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I suddenly love Pearl Abyss for no reason xD

Well @Kibbelz it's time for you to do serious management.
Remember all mistakes why original Aion failed in the first place.
-Ignored player comments and their suggestions.
-Empty shop without good skins.
-Let bots and cheaters roam free because you think they don't hurt your money (Actually they indirect did)
-Infinite ganking without consequence if you allow this again it will fail.
-Server balance is extreme important don't let one side dominate forever.

Don't spam server wtih exp events and exp amulet.
Keep monitor the server all time don't let it run auto pilot mode.

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<<no money, no gear people>>  

  • Now can i move my character in aion classic? not 3 shot? delusion?     
  • WHY U STEAL Aether? my spot

<<kinah seller>> 

  • oh my goodness new job coming~!!!!!!       
  • WTS summon 2kk       WTS mantra quick wow 2m


  • cave dps no glad / Theobomos healer sorry chanter / adma dps no temp 
  • kysis healer chanter only / poeta A/S sin! no ranger 


  • WTS abyss point pm me
  • WTS godstone 

<<Temp SM Sorc>>

  • duel?     
  • trrc  too ez !


  • it's Show time !
  • Kick group member invite alt and WTS Triroan's Greatsword PM ME!

<<p2w player>>

  • WTB Commander Bakarma's Spear. PA 6b 
  • 2 glad 2 temp sm chanter - ad group

<<23hrs player>>

  • Im king of aion classic. killing bots 20hrs.
  • Max geared in 3weeks ! you can't beat me  
  • Don't need money, I'm not p2w player.  free to play :D


<ely15% / asmo85%>>

  • nice population balance
  • asmo ad pop 30mins
  • elyos waiting for 1hour for a dead group member in front of cave. hate each other
  • 70% bot 30% player - 25% F2P 1% P2W 4% NOLIFE


amazing classic 

NC West another 40b deficit  

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17 hours ago, Motgar-KT said:

Classic isn't coming. It will just destroy Aion further if it did. What is really dumb is that people think it will be a cure all for all the problems, many of the same problems will exist and many more of the new problems will still exist.

Everything that made a mass amount of players quit during 5.0 would be brought back:

  • Level Grinding
  • Pay-to-Win
  • One Shotting

Everything everyone hated in the past would be brought back:

  • Huge Class/Race Imbalances
  • Limited PvP Opportunities
  • PvP Curse Debuffs
  • Manastone Socketing Failure Rates
  • Enchanting Failure Rates
  • Godstones
  • Gear Drop Rates
  • Mounts Widely Unavailable
  • AP Hoarding Based Ranking
  • Super Easy PvE Instances

Everything outdated would replace the new:

  • No Server Updates
  • Gear Switch Buttons
  • Custom Chain Skills
  • Smaller Text Limit Macros
  • Old UI
  • Old Character Creation
  • Old Graphics

Everything else:

  • Population Split
  • Starting Over
  • Botting

Just focus on fixing the current verison.

You forgot that you would need to pay 2mil for your skills.


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