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I know GMs and NC get a lot of flack and NC especially rightfully so, but I have to say these current set of events have made the game really fun again. The PVP instances pop fast and sometimes good pvp and sometimes just pve or a bit of pvpve, Fissure of Oblivion is amazing and a great way for everyone to freely enhance gems and runes, and the fact that prime runes are now available and people can sell the ones they don't want is even better! Lastly the void instance is really fun and fast and rewarding.

Also the IDD mega runs are really nice and helping us gear our alts to do the 50 kills faster is super helpful thanks!

So I have to say they got everything right this time and its really got me engaged again in every aspect!

Events should be more fun - not like that last flower event which sucked the life out of everyone even if it was very rewarding! :P

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