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Please add the kaisinel powder in the vending machine just like EU and Russia so that at least we have a time table for us to get our ultimate transform. Yah i know i always combine my duplicates thats why i didnt get it in the last promotions... Plus it would be more income for you, people will buy prestige. TY

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I think we have 2 More Months Left since is a 6 Months promo , i am in the same situation too because i wasted my Legendarys in others promos like the ones with apostles and a chance to get Ultimate but since that promotion they didnt announce the ulti promo as a permanent feature and thats why i dont have mine yet too, if i knew the ulti promo was a permanent feature before probably i was getting mine in the last promo , is a bad luck i know, but all we can do is Just "wait again". 

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