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Classic servers - Estimated release date?

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I am getting an error code 100471 when attempting to pre-purchase the Aion Classic Founders pack using Paypal.

Anyone know what that error code means? It's not in the list of error codes the error message link takes me to.

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They barely provide info about patch notes (usually post it 1 hour before game goes live), maintenance or event stuff. You're off better playing something else and just wait. Getting anxious for it wo

Korea teased classic in mid October, and then confirmed it the same week (Oct 28th), and then released it in November, on the 11th. Aion 8.0 released after Classic in Korea, which means NCW and t

This is so true... NCwest really under uses their advertisement budget... If they were smart they'd be sending out emails to all the players they can, old and new, to get the hype up. They also could

I opened a support ticket with the error message, a couple of hours later support told me to submit the payment again and it work. So Classic on June 23rd for me :)


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