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Dear @Hime and @Kibbelz,


I was wondering if we can get an staff member focused on forum moderation or an assistant for @Kibbelz, because @Kibbelz is busy all the time.


If we get additional help, there needs to be professionalism and accountability like @Kibbelz has been operating, not like how Cyan was operating. I've heard Cyan was awful, not moderating favorite players and suspending / banning players he disliked.



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Getting our requests through is not an issue with kibbelz. It is somewhere between kibbelz and the upper management all the way over to KR NCsoft's HQ. It is simply there is no requests that can be granted at the base level of CM so they really have nothing to report.

Kibbelz has advocated for us but the reality is the upper management cherry pick what they want to work on and they see the game in $ signs not in game mechanics. This is why for example the list Kibbelz compiled of the communities gripes with Aion at that point in time was never worked on fully by who ever was working on it. They cherry picked events/cash shop based progression and improved them slightly and ignored the rest.

That was not kibbelz problem they did their part they followed up it was simply some one who has more power than kibbelz with-in NCwest/ncsoft decided that every other idea we had that made the list was worth scrapping and not telling us about it.

Since we all have no idea how NCwest/soft works we can only speculate since none of us work at NCwest.

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I honestly never going to understand how can someone work for a business without understanding how their product really works.

It's like being paid to eventually, but certainly, commit mistakes.

And it opens so much windows for the abusers / hackers, because sadly they KNOW way more than than people that are being paid to run a game that they seem to know almost nothing about.


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