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Separate Account/Client

Guest Elyos

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2 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

If you can use the same NCWest account to play Aion, B&S and Guildwars then I guess Aino classic can also be played with the same account, as Aion classic and Aion retail are two "different" games.

I wrote "Aino" and I cannot edit lolz.

Anyways, replying to the rest of the questions.

6 hours ago, The Secret Cow Level said:

Classic will run on a separate 2.7 Client, but content accessible in-game will be that of 1.2/1.5(?)

Yes, the client is based on 2.7 because apparently they did some fixes and maybe stability etc but the content is starting at 1.0 (maps, quests, level restrictions etc).

4 hours ago, Matthieu-KT said:

One of my accounts dates to back whe original Aion was Pay to Play.  Will I be able to use that account if I delete all my current toons?

You can pre-order Aion Classic with your current account, thus it already kinda is self explained.

The "old Aion" you said is the current Aion we have as it is the continuation. 

Aion Classic and Aion retail will be two different entities and will not be connected at all. It is not like you will be logging in with one launcher, have the game load and then select between 4 servers: Katalam, Danaria, Siel or Israphel and play accordingly. The Classic server gets treated like a different game with its client, its launcher and its limitations that have 0 collision with any of the other NCWest games (Aion retail, B&S and Guildwars)

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On 6/10/2021 at 7:08 AM, Guest Londo said:

I want to know also if we need to create a new account or we can use the account that we already have from years ago.

The account is the same, the client is different eg. you won't be able to click on the current Aion client and get into the classic server, you will have 2 versions of Aion installed on your HD, the 7.9 and the Classic. I don't know if NCwest will modify the Aion launcher app to launch the Classic app for you, that would be nice if they did.


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