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You have to do it at https://account.ncsoft.com/ then go to "Apply a Code". You can apply the Daeva pack, but the sub can be activated from 30th, because there will be a free week from 23rd.

@Kibbelz Will we have to download a separate  client like Korea? , if yes , when will it be available to download ( i supose around the 16th) And how many servers will there be at launch?  

Yeah, because it's not about the pvp for them. Instead it's about showing power over other people in a video game because they have no power over anything in their real lives. 🤷‍♀️

3 hours ago, Guest Amaterino said:

They would dare making those tradeable, to pull off that bullshit after asking a subscription fee for the game + base package? If all it takes to not have any sort of this crap in the game , is paying monthly then by all means sure. but  I hope We are past the point of dealing with this and ncsoft learned why their game died in the first place.

Ha, i guess they didn't. Just look at the F2P restriction, it's gonna be empty again after a couple of weeks, if it takes that much time.

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