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Looking for old friends from ARIEL merged to SIEL merged to KT?

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Just wanted to put out a line for anyone I might have played with in regard to AION classic coming out on the 23rd. I played under the names Seraphiel before my account got banned on siel and was in the legion "Pitch black" (don't ask about the name lol) Just wanted to see if anyone wanted to get something going through the first portion of the game leading to instance/pvp/ dungeon grinding. Loved the game, don't really care there is a sub. People gotta eat and I loved this game from the start of it. If you are interested in getting together and playing I have my own discord I can share and would love to get another good team going. Current game blows. #makeclassicgreatagain

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10 hours ago, HavocNova-KT said:

Good to see some trolls never die lol.  

Rather then being excited for a potentially fun experience you get "woke snow flakes".

This round if aion is going to be awesome!

I have nothing against you but you said "until I got banned" as if you dropped the bass on a Dj party. If you cheated and got banned then people will treat you as part of the reasons why aion went wrong or something and will demand you burn on the stick for the salvation of humanity

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