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Sell Tenacity/Discipline Tickets


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Player vs. Player (PvP) is my main interest in Aion. I enjoy the content enough, that despite the game's current state, I still log in everyday for a PvP session-- even more so on the weekends.

The current patch offers a weekly set of the following: Five runs of Arena of Discipline, Arena of Harmony, Arena of Chaos; Two runs of Hall of Tenacity (only during weekends); Two runs of Grand Hall of Tenacity. However, after all these, PvP oriented players are left with no other content. Open world PvP is an option, and I'm certain that any PvPer enjoys a bit of it. However, there is no real incentive for players to roam across the entire maps of Illuma or Norsvold, resulting in a small concentrated area of open world PvP not too far from the respective faction's base. The constant guard hugging, zerging, or lack of PvP in open world becomes stale quick, which again, results in leaving me and other PvP focused players with nothing to do but jump around town for hours, or simply log off.

Place Arena of Discipline and Tenacity tickets up for sale on the BCM. I understand the potential issue with leader board rankings and massive GP gain for those who can just pay for it. In regards to this, what could be done is allowing only the first five runs of Arena of Discipline, and the first two runs of Hall of Tenacity count towards leader board rankings, GP gain and other rewards to eliminate the possibility for abuse-- or even reduce all or some of the rewards gained from subsequent runs after the first five to at least give SOME type of incentive for players who aren't focused mainly on the PvP aspect of it. This would at least give some of us the option of having something more to do, while simultaneously allowing you to make some kind of profit. 

PS- I understand that Training Discipline exists as a source of unlimited runs of Arena of Discipline, however, the reality is is that no one queues for it.

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arena of discipline if one of the few things we have to look forward to doing in this game these days and to make things worse - majority of the time its an empty arena where someone has either accidentally or purposely missed entering. I back the idea of being able to buy tickets to run this more than once again.

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I completely understand and support this suggestion. However, this doesn't gonna fix either the current lack of actual PvP in the game.


Mainly reason why people were buying the Discipline tickets wasn't for the idea of get a good PvP, was more about the easy GP obtained -ThunderSpank got his rank afk most of his disciplines as others- There's not a lot of players as you and others that doesn't care about the GP gaining on PvP matters, but the 80-90% of the player base its trying to recover/get a rank.

So I honestly doubt someone would buy this tickets -besides the people who support this idea and its willing to p2w for enjoy a content THAT SUPPOSE to be already in the game-  without get any kind of reward and just for the chance of get some "good PvP" wich can be again a dodge or afk.

However, for this issue I suggest a solution. No reward at all sounds bad even for me that doesn't care about the GP but I do care about the AP, so my suggestion would be remove the GP from the extras arenas runs and replace it with more AP/Petrals Medals or bundles as the one from OW with chances of get augment/conditioning bundles. Since are rewards that exist already for anothers PvP instances, MAYBE there's a chance they can actually implemented it for the extras arenas runs that you are looking for~

People that are actually still gearing up or wanna get ready for the next patch, would like more the idea about gain AP/Medals from the extras runs and excuse the "consume" of augment/conditioning on single arenas. This also would make people ask more for tickets on LFG/broker, making this a new kinah resource for players who wanna spend in the game because its actually more fun do an 9min arena than a 15min of EB - for example - and also can increase the number of people buying value pack for get more AP/medals~

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