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Remove realtime restrictions for Forts& dredge , NA/EU/Oceanic+SEA Timezones

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19 hours ago, Leiloni said:

This would be a huge mistake for reasons that should be very obvious. Also this is not a global release, this is a release for the Americas, North and South. The fact that they're not blocking IPs is standard for most MMO's, it doesn't mean they're catering to other regions. Besides, Gameforge already has the rights to release in Europe anyway. Also I'd like to point out that the Americas have 4 primary timezones just in our region alone. When East Coast players are in the middle of our primetime, West Coast is just getting off work. When we're going to bed, they're in the middle of their primetime. The fact that this game so far seems like it's only going to have one timezone for all of the Americas is already going to be a problem for us, since we often require both East and West Coast timezones for our MMO's.

Gameforge removed the dedicated English servers a few years ago. The NC Aion version, is the only version of Aion with dedicated English servers. Wasn't is so as of that moment Gameforge removed dedicated English servers, they no longer serve players that play the game in English?

1 hour ago, Ferk-DN said:

It's hard to understand what they mean by "global".

  From NCSOFT  West's own website  https://us.ncsoft.com/en-us

So they claim they do stuff in Europe, but it could be outsourced to Gameforge. Who knows what goes on behind the scenes.

Blade&Soul is by NC soft in Europe, Lineage II is also by NC soft in Europe.

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18 hours ago, Guest st0n3 said:

They don't even know which game version they launch yet and call it 1.0 instead of 1.2, imagine all of these suggestments being even read

Because it's version 1.0 of Aion Classic. Patch 1.2 is a Retail patch. Just like WoW Classic, they are different games and different clients and numbered accordingly.

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4 hours ago, Guest st0n3 said:

Cool story. No.

Lineage II was in NA 1st, they added European timezone servers in P2P era, later on the Russian publisher started European servers. The players the played P2P in Europe stayed on NC servers, the NC P2P players stayed on F2P when, Lineage II became F2P on NC. So NC is publisher for Lineage II  and Blade&Soul for Europe. Lineage II only has a 2nd publisher for Europe

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