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Will classic eventually get Danaria & Katalam, this time without the mistake of removing it? From this point on just keep adding maps for PvP and PvE. From the moment Katalam & Danaria got removed the game started to go downhill, since that moment, maps got delete all the time.

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6 hours ago, The Secret Cow Level said:

Katalam is introduced in 4.0, removed in 4.8, and returned in 7.2 in a modified form (different skybox and camps, Danaria only accessible in certain times/areas)

Classic is originally stated to go into maintenance mode when 2.7 contents are unlocked.

Would be better if maps won't get removed at all, the current Danaria and Katalam isn't the same. 

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Guest Narmina

As said, classic will go to 2.7, patch after patch. (korea is 1.7 now)

Then... we know nothing, and while i think devs have some ideas, the question of any map/dongeon that came after 2.7 is clearly "maybe ? maybe not ?"

they intend to do things after 2.7 is classic work well, but we won't have any answer before we have 2.7...

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