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Please Make These Skins


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I love my tourist style on my toon, but the weapon and shield ruin a bit of the appearance. It would be nice if there is a tourist/holiday theme to fit with tourist trap costume. My idea is backpack as shield and folding umbrella as mace.


But if it has to be all weapons to make a costume theme, here is my idea (not a completed list tho):

Staff - long umbrella
Mace - folding umbrella
Shield - backpack
Harp - ukulele (with bow)
Cipher blade - ?
Mech - camera
Spear - selfie stick with phone attached
Greatsword - paddle
Sword - ?
Dagger - pocket knife
Orb - compass
Spellbook - guide book/map
Pistol - flash light
Aethercannon - long zoom lens
Bow - ?

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