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Siel - Asmodians - Team Tasty Recruiting


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Siel - Asmodians Our core group is originally from Vaizel as Revolution Effect. We will have about 30-40 upon startup and looking to push the limit.

We are looking for players that want to focus on endgame content. We don't care if you are new to the Aion scene or a vet, don't be dumb, like to have fun, and like to win and you will have a good time.

Requirements: We require discord for Legion Events, not required for daily activities but recommended. Enjoy the game and have fun Improve and be apart of as many Legion Events possible

Join our Discord - https://discord.gg/tuDWCpfDWv

Or DM on Discord Himsa#7182

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Guest Thatqtguy

Looking forward to playing with everyone on launch!
Feel free to message me as well ThatQtGuy#9275
See you on the field!

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