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Contaminated Underpath Rank S How To Guide (Luna Daily)

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17 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

My paralyze godstone has saved me from an A rank more than once haha. One time it procced three times in a row. Was beautiful haha.

I keep one weapon only for this instance. It's a low level weapon with paralyze. Creates wonders!

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7 hours ago, Extrawaganza-KT said:

Thank you soo much for video.What is your weapon level and which paralyze godstone to use ?

The one I have is Vidar's Dignity. It has a 2% chance to paralyze for 5 seconds with no chance of breaking. There is at least one other that has a 4% chance of paralyzing for 4 seconds, but it has a chance of breaking.

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I use my pve weapon that has a 3% 3800 (something) base dmg, when it procs, it does 25k dmg. When the boss is out, I use my pvp weapon that has paralyze (the one that has a chance to break).

I always do s-rank also because I have rather stable ping and I have an attack speed weapon infused on my SB, that extra attack speed gives me the ability to make more attacks since the in-between time of skills is faster.


P.S. the video is unavailable.

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I also do it s-rank myself, but it never hurts seeing others do their thing. But that video is from 2016 and it is no longer like this. To s-rank you need to have the right godstones and good ping and attack speed.

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