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Experience bonuses on retail server

Guest Frozzy

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Guest Frozzy

It has been months since the last time we've gotten for an extent or decent period of time an event XP bonus.

The 100% bonus on weekends has been active for a very long time and there were no additions to the experience gains because of this, last and best experience event was during halloween which was insanely good for people to farm experience marks in a server where we don't have auto hunt system and the experience is not balanced. 


Having in mind the mandatory grind for the deep end game content such as getting apostles from renown officers or attempting yornforged weapons I think it's a good point to start and give a hand to the people farming, at the moment it's basically impossible to farm experience during the week other than on weekends. 


Would it be possible to bring back those events that gave 200-300% experience bonuses like in the past? 

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