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Black Screen when start

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Guest Vinnie

Everytime I start the game, there is 50% chance that it will stuck at black screen. Is there any fix?

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It is funny. Aion Classic as a "complete game" loads up WAY faster on me than this butchered and destroyed Aion Live Client, which could be just 200 MB in size. A totally different game just with the Aion "Tag"... Well:

  • Do you have enough free space on your disk/partition and RAM?
  • Are your graphics drivers updated?
  • Is your machine updated as well as DirectX, .NET Framework and C++ Redistributables (x86: vc_redist.x86.exe, x64: vc_redist.x64.exe) , if you are using Windows?
  • Use Windows' integrated "Disk Cleanup", which can easily free up a minimum of 4 GB...
  • Do you use a worse Anti-Vir software which is already a Virus itself?
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Guest Zxand

Same here...

Running on a Ryzen 4800H, RTX2060MQ, 16GB RAM.

OFC all of the sortwares are up to date.

It sometimes get stuck during loading page, after the NC logo appear and before the intro start.

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Two things to try that have worked fairly often the past few years:

1. Run the client in Windows 8 compatibility mode.

2. Go into your NCSOFT > AION_CLASSIC > bin64 folder and rename AION.bin to AION.bin.old

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Guest Saitamasensei

I had troubleshoot mine...

The Culprit: Windows Defender...

To fix: unknown.png

and: unknown.png


Thanks me later.

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