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Pumpkin Boss needs extra candies


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You know when you get those groups where everyone claims to have used 3 candies, but someone still ends up having to break down and use 4 or even 5? Sure some group members might be trolling and just using 2, but there also seems to be a glitch that makes you need to use more than the required specified amount.


I would say from spamming DL on about 12 of my alts and a few other instances, there is a not insignificant chance that there aren't enough candies to take down the pumpkin.

For fissure, I thought I was done by using 7 candies, but the boss still had some hp left:


Needed an additional 2 to take down 1 pumpkin...


I ran it on a few of my other alts to make sure I wasn't just mistaken, but they only needed 7 each. So is this by design or is it a glitch?

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