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I didn't wanted to create a new topic!

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I can reply here as i can see, interesting ... cause in aion classic i can't make a dime : no topic as well as no reply or post.

That's really interesting =)))))))) Can't change the name, or select the forum in Aion Classic. I start to like this forum OoO 🤪😂🤣

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Well, hope we will see in Aion Classic, created my char since 16.06.2021, but wasn't able to show it at all, and here is the wrong are and etc, etc , etc. but here it is ^^ Dyana 🥰😇


That's cool, i don't have EDIT option either :)) Well now it works ^^ heheh :)


Told you i start love this forum ^^

U know that "edit" is better than "merging" ^^

I hope now i will get ACTIVE STATUS 😲🤣

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For the record: Here i reply to ME ! 

I'm now logged in from the second e-mail account and i've done that by logging in trough my FIRST E-MAIL account !!!

Isn't that a damn thing ?! ^^🥰

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