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Aion Classic Forum PvP Thread

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Hey, Demigo here. Like in the old days if you got killed you could come here to call out the Elyos or Asmo that killed you. I guess you still can. So, instead of multiple people making threads about being killed, we could make this a mega thread for all callouts. I myself am on Israphel server for classic, so the only thing you would need to do is say what server you're in before you start your message. That way people who share same names across servers will know who you are talking about.

Let's have fun and forum PvP. Stay salty my friends.

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2 minutes ago, Guest guess i should said:

Well DAM Demigo ! i guess i gotta throw my towel in with yours!

Nah, not throwing the towel in. Just trying to give people a place to chat and forum PvP. Instead of clogging the forum like we all used to do in the old days.  I remember always checking the forums. People would also use the forums to speak to Elyos or Asmos if they didn't have the translator for the Asmo or Elyos language.

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AT level 25 I am in abyss after quests.  But now not getting AP for anything I do.  Still have zero.  In NTC every kill says zero AP.  Quests and kills in abyss giving me zero AP.  Why is this?

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