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So, I'm not back to Aion yet but only because I don't have net at my home for the moment. Despite that, when I do return I'm going to need to work on my gear and as I haven't truly played actively since 4.7.5 - 5.0 I'm rather clueless about where to obtain omegas and if they're really worth it. Any information would be great. I'm not one for posting so if this is in the wrong section or has been posted before I'm very sorry and with proper direction will be more than happy to rectify any wrong.

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They're one of the most valuable items in the game. Archdaeva gear breaks on failure, but if you use an omega and greater supplemts, the success rate is 100%.

They drop in 66+ instances sometimes as well as daily and weekly Lunas (Untradeable ones.). Other than that, you're going to be buying them from other players or hoping they drop from events.

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A great source of Omegas are definitely the following instances, especially during Drop Rate events. Of course, not all of them will be available for you when you return, as they have a bit of a level requirement. :P 

  • Drakenseer's Lair
  • Cradle of Eternity
  • Bastion of Souls

The untradeable Omegas from Luna instances only come from Contaminated Underpath, not Secret Munitions Factory (drops Tempering Solutions instead). They require rank A or S to even have a chance to drop. Rank B, which is what you (generally) get from just AFKing, wont drop them.

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