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I used to run that, and there are arguments for both d/d and d/s setups. 

Generally speaking if you have low enough ping and you learn how to weave you can run d/d, not only for the added crit but also the extra damage in a shorter amount of time from wielding the second dagger. At lvl 33 when you can get the gold / blue gloves you have higher attack speed as well so having the d/d vs d/s doesn't matter much, as well as post lvl 36 with Silver Coin gear you get the added attack speed from the Shadedrenched Sword and Dagger. 


If you're lucky and Kromede isn't stingy with her drops you can go d/d for the extendibility, but by the time you hit lvl 40 I would go d/s, and use the daggers for the pesky targets who run. 


P.S. A sin with +10 or higher daggers, fully socketed with Attack, will SHRED through targets. 

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Weaving is the art of CD/auto/CD... That is how I used to try and play. But I like my stab sticks so I'll prob go d/d over d/s. 

Im actually excited for classic. I tried Aion back in 2018 and I didn't quite like what they did to it. I loved the original in 2009 but due to my location I could only play from midnight, shit internet.

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Looking for Advice from a pvp orientated sin.Since they yet again after 12 years didnt give Sins extenable pvp weapons and we cant combine like other melee is it worth using Pve extendys or the pvp ones?

Very dissapointed that ncsoft couldnt be bothered to fix this second time round and abyss melee combat.Any tips advice be great thanks in advance.

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Yes extendables will and always has been worth while, however going for the damage setup is preferable. We are in a patch where there are not a lot of good weapons and it's tricky to get ahold of some of the actual decent weapons.


For an Extendable Set, Elyos have the advantage since they can farm Bolvigg for Black hearts, best extendable mainhand dagger in game, and rift and farm Alukinas, or use Triroans (dagger prefered here), in the off hand slot.  Only way for Asmos to get Black hearts is if they trade Loot Rights, where as elyos kill Bolvigg, it drops, and then wait for body to reset and an enemy faction member can loot it. 

Black Hearts + Alukinas  - Best in Slot

Black Hearts + Triroan

Alukinas + Kasika

Alukinas + Krom Dagger

Alukinas + Triroans

Triroans + Kasika

Triroans + Krom Dagger

Triroans + Triroan - Worst in Slot


For Asmodians, Alukinas > Lannoks for Main hand, Kasika Claw> Kromedes dagger> Lannoks (dagger preferred if Lannoks Mainhand) for the off hand weapon.


Alukinas + Kasika - Best in Slot

Alukinas + Krom Dagger

Alukinas + Lannoks

Lannoks + Kasika

Lannoks + Krom Dagger

Lannoks + Lannoks - Worst in Slot


You can still push over 400 attack which is a minimum to do some damage. 


Kerplop used to run around with BH/Triroans and eventually Alukinas iirc, you can see how some of the damage values worked out for him, he's in just 40e with not full PvP accs. Due note this is taking place in actual 2.x era, where 55 is cap and people have access to more of the skills and items in game.



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Whats best 50 weapons to have for pvp and for pve as a sin? Extendy and non extendy build and what are alternatives?

Currently I have a +10 Nuaka Fang dagger and a +11 36 gold coin offhand sword I got 18% attack speed and 6% attack speed vambrace.

I'm at attack speed cap 1.0 buffed .8 flurry with sword I was wondering what yall found to be the best weapon combinations and why, as well as what I should focus on getting for my next upgrade. I'm happy with my dagger for now I want to get Lannoks, Bakarmas, or Alukinas and for the sword I was thinking either dark dragon,bakarma, dc, or pvp sword 50e. What yall think?

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