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Horrible frame stutter lag


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If the issue only happens when you move your mouse and you are using an nvidia card, downgrade your driver to version 457. I am running a 3080 and the hardware acceleration seems to be the conflict here. 

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I'm having this issue too. Moving the mouse lags the game and frantically moving it will actually freeze the game. If I leave the mouse alone and just use the keyboard game runs clean. I've looked up a lot of information online about it and it seems NCsoft is aware has not made any acknowledgement of this bug since it even effects retail Aion. 

The information I could gather was to reduce mouse poll to 125-250hz (from 1000hz), roll back to nvidia driver version 457 / 459, or even run in windows 7 compatibility mode. I should mention all users with the problem have claimed they were on Windows 10 as well.  Since maint just hit I rolled back to 457 and I'll update to see if it fixed the issue.

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