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Weapons here, weapons there quest

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Hi! So I go in and out of playing phases and so maybe a month ago I got the titled quest and now it has (incomplete) next to it. Does that mean I can't do it anymore or? I've played Aion in the past where I got as far as...Morheim? Maybe. I just don't remember the titled quest. xD

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Are you sure that the "Incomplete" part is part of the title of the quest itself and not one of its stages? Is it shown in blue or in yellow?

If in yellow, it is one of the stages of the quest. It is saying that you need to complete that task before moving forward. In the case of this quest, you need to move to a certain location in Altgard and use a special item given to you through the quest. The first location is south-west of Altgard Ice Lake. Second one is south of Idun's Lake. Then it is just interacting with objects in front of Haramel's entrance.

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