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Siel Server Opening Schedule


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  • Aion Team

Hi everyone,

Thank you for the patience you've shown during Siel's Character Creation lock. We would like to share with you the plan as we move forward, which should provide players a daily opportunity to create characters on Siel, should they wish to do so.

Beginning on Thursday, June 24 at midnight PT (3am ET,  9am CEST), we will be opening Siel to new characters for 8-hours. In the days following we will rotate around opening Siel in the morning, afternoon, and evening, according to the schedule below:


To any American players, this means that Siel will be open in the early morning on Thursday and Sunday, in the afternoon on Friday and Monday, and in the evenings on Saturday and Tuesday.

After we complete this initial week, we will re-evaluate. Thank you for your patience while we explored the best path forward to create the best experience possible.

See you in Atreia!

For anyone unable to access the image above, here is the schedule in text format:


Thursday : 12am - 8am PT // 3am - 11am ET // 9am - 5pm CEST

Friday : 8am - 4pm PT // 11am - 7pm ET // 5pm - 1am CEST (+1)

Saturday : 4pm - 12am PT // 7pm - 3am ET (+1) // 1am - 9am CEST (+1)

Sunday : 12am - 8am PT // 3am - 11am ET // 9am - 5pm CEST

Monday: 8am - 4pm PT // 11am - 7pm ET // 5pm - 1am CEST (+1)

Tuesday:  4pm - 12am PT // 7pm - 3am ET (+1) // 1am - 9am CEST (+1)

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Wow, what a total complete nightmare. how do you block an entire group of players from playing on launch day with their friends.. open it up for at least 1 hour for the people who have been waiting literally 8 hours today constantly sitting at their PC to play. what an awful experience.. totally botched. 

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Guest Kenyanke

Opening it in a couple of hours will have the same end result as opening it right now, people want to play the game with their friends, some have booked time off work, others removed other commitments just to be here.

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This is the NORTH AMERICAN Aion game.  The person wrote "to any American's" like what the actual heck...? What do you mean, to any americans.. majority of the players are north american here.. as this is the north american client. not the EU or KR game... then on top of that they make the character creation DURING THE TIME THAT AMERICANS ARE ASLEEP!!!!!


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2 minutes ago, Kuzcoo said:

i mean atleast we get to play tomorrow trying to stay positive

No. not if you're a regular american who will more than likely be ASLEEP during those periods of opening the server.... how does this cater to American players... this is the north american game.. but they make the login time more available for EU players... WTF?!?!

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Guest Tortuga

My friend has being waiting for hours just watching us lvl up an leaving him behind. He bought the 50 dollar pack just to see us leaving him behind. This is just ridiculous. 

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Guest Dingers
1 hour ago, Tokyx said:

Bro please open it for 1 hour today. opening it tomorrow will ruin a lot of peoples experience. for real....

well I gave up on this game before I even made a toon, that's a new record. 

GG aion I'm sure this game in going to do well    /s

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Guest Vonks


You are saying that I will only be able to play with my friends on Friday due to the time differences. That's if I can create a character. You must think that people live 24 hours in AION. This is ridiculous for a game that CHARGES MONTHLY FEE

I'm honestly going to ask for a refund, and I think everyone who's had their experience ruined should do the same. Maybe the AION team TAKES SHAME IN THE FACE and start providing a DECENT service.

You already knew how many pre-orders you sold, and you didn't have the ability to create more servers, how pathetic this is.

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Guest HahaAtSiel

Hahaha I love it. Everyone so dead set on playing siel just because it's the oldest server and perceived to be the "better" server. I've already logged 8 hours on IS and was able to hop right back into game after two random disconnects. No queue. 


FckSiel <3

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