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im ip banned and customer email blocked

Guest vea

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please review these photos.


This is when they replied to me.


This is when i replied to them with my information.

I have tryed to reach out to support about my ip ban, after they responded to my ticket i created via EMAIL (i cannot login to the site OR create an account) they asked for information to confirm my identity. When i responded with all the information requested i was hit in the face by being added to the customer block list. The ticket number is 23718064 for any ncstaff that view this. I literally have no way of contacting anyone about my problem, so forums please help me XD. appeals@aiononline.com has also blocked me.

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Guest Guest

I also woke up today to be IP banned. I have no idea why - I just created the account and leveled a few chars to 3/5 on classic and bam, banned today.



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