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Ranger, Sin, Chanter, or Templar

Guest ConfusedTaco

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Guest ConfusedTaco

I a trying to decide between the listed as a semi-casual player.  Interested in all of the different pieces of the game.   Any insight is welcome.  Will it be harder to get groups as any of them, easier, etc.   also, semi-casual one of those looking for an asmo guild on Siel.

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Try making a character for all of the classes you mentioned?

List of asmo ranger skills

  • Usually wields a bow - physical weapon with 25m range
  • Leather armor - second lowest physical defense
  • Silence Arrow: 6~8s of silence, 18s cooldown
  • Sleep Arrow: makes target sleep for 12s, full PvP duration, 3 min cooldown
  • Mau form DP skill - 2,000 DP, increases your weapon damage, speed, and attack speed for 2 mins
  • Focused Shots boosts your damage of physical attack skills by 30% for 5 times per use
  • Can use various traps - summons an invisible, stationary NPC that inflicts an AoE skill when enemy gets within 5m
  • Has level 1 hide which makes you invisible, but various items can reveal their location

List of asmo assassin skills

  • Dual wielding melee physical attacker: +attack manastones boosts damage on both weapons
  • Many skills to stun your opponent
  • Has level 2 hide which only rangers and assassins have skills to detect
  • Some attack skills deal extra damage when striking the back of opponent
  • Carve signet on your opponent up to level 5 on your opponent, and blow up by using signet burst skills (higher level, higher damage)
  • Leather armor - second lowest physical defense

List of asmo chanter skills

  • Buffs party member with auras - toggle on and the buff stays on for those within range 25m (20m initially)
  • Buffs party member with group-wide active buffs
  • Melee attacker with mainly physical attacks using a staff, which also has magic boost
  • Chain armor - second highest physical defense
  • Have some healing skills that can target allies
  • Access to Divine Curtain, a group-wide shield (10 min cooldown)
  • Stigma skill Elemental Screen (When level cap increased to 55): party-wide buff of +2,000 physical defense (200 physical damage reduction) and +200 all elemental defenses

List of asmo templar skills

  • Melee physical attacker using 2-handed swords to deal damage
  • Can use 1-handed weapon (sword or mace) and shield for blocking physical attacks
  • Plate armor - highest physical defense
  • Pull enemy to your location using skills such as Doom Lure
  • Stance skills (Steel Wall Defense, Barricade of Steel): +1,000 block, +15% physical defense, and +1,000 stun-like effects resistance - toggle skill, shield required, cannot jump, and ends when using a skill
  • Iron Skin: shields 50% of incoming damage for 30s and powerful debuff removal on self (10 min cooldown)
  • Stigma skill Aether armor - +800 magic resistance
  • Stigma skill Prayer of Victory - Group-wide HP buff
  • Stigma skill Bodyguard - redirects received damage from an ally to yourself
  • Skills that cause your attacker to take damage when they attack you (Holy Shield, Barricade of Steel)
  • Stigma skill Empyrean Providence (When level cap increased to 55): party-wide shield with 1,000 stun-like effects resistance


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Ranger has the highest skill cap and lowest skill floor.
Assassins require high game knowledge and low ping.
Chanters are amazing and always a delight to have around.
Templars require really good gear to start getting good.

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Guest Saitamasensei

Ranger - Short Burst, Lucky Crits = kill, No Crits = reload

Assassin - Hit and Run, Stun = Burst to Kill

Chanter - Heal to Kill, Timed Stun to counter cast

Templars - Defense is Good Offense

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Guest Reign

As a Templar, without a pocket healer and dps, leveling is MISERABLE. Elites are best xp, but you always need help. Dungeons at 30 suck for xp. You need elites again. With more people to help you again. 

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