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A shout out to Customer Support NCsoft

Guest a bit worried

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Guest a bit worried

Dear customer support NCsoft,

I'm getting a little worried! Let me quickly explain and this is not a rant, clearly some advice!

You let an old AION vet from EU register and download the game. Anxious with the old friends to try classic for nostalgic reasons. PPL with jobs, kids and a RL next to a game. We support the game so bought founderspack. Everybody hyped and happy to logon... Then boom, account locked due to suspiscous activities!

Oke, we are from the EU. No VPN or such.. However you manage to withdrawel the founderspack money from my bankaccount and locking me out. Fine, if you want to lock me out of the game, so be it. I know I didnt do anything wrong.  But no way to contact support due to fact you cant log into your account, only a appeal@ncsoft.com email address. Its been a few days now already without any notice, except auto-reply. I do understand you are busy, but at least give a timeframe..

Above this all, you can lock me out of the game, but let me in my account, so I can delete my bankdetails which I gave you in trust of your service.  And it feels like here on the official forums is less information then on the on-official discord channel.

I would be much appriciated if an official statement came about these bans/locks, since it seems im not alone.

Thanks  in advance

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