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Harvester's Reinforced Handguards with attack speed


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Guys, I didn't know if you have noticed that the Harvester REINFORCED handguards have attack speed on it. I wonder why NC does it, do they really think that is nice to heal with attack speed gloves? I had to open a ticket to restore my box, hopefully GM Raphael did it (thanks GM).

I'm creating this post first of all to avoid people pick this gloves up if they don't see that it has attack speed and to let people know.

(all that three chain gloves has attack speed)


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5 minutes ago, Dreaming-KT said:

That set is a DPS set for cleric so im guessing this is why its atk speed rather than casting speed. A lot of the Cleric's burst is based on instant cast spells so the atk speed is good.

Kinda makes sense but idk, I would get it to heal, it has an awesome PVE def as other status. I think i'm gonna get the Reinforced gloves (for SW).

28 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

Ew, that sucks. :(

The difference between this chain one and the SW cloth one is minimal. Lucky we still have another gloves with healing boost but it stills sucks because it's going to ruin all the gear aesthetic.

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