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Invasion Boss no loot for my whole alliance!


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I was at the invasion boss last weekend and everyone in my alliance couldn't loot the boss so I put in a ticket and below is the response I got. I was right next to the boss dpsing as hard as I could to be only told I was not near the boss and I didn't dps enough lol does that mean everyone in my alliance wasn't there also and they didn't dps at all also? So what support is saying 24 people in the same alliance was too far and we didn't dps at all????????? The 24 of us decided hey lets stand far away and look at what is happening!!!!!!!! Come on don't give me this stupid reply I am getting sick of the stupid excuses fix the game and stop the blaming. No wonder people leave and never touch a NCSOFT game again...............Don't thank me for understanding because I truly don't for the life of me UNDERSTSAND what the hell you are saying.


GM Raphael Yesterday at 21:06

Hello Daeva,

I have investigated your issue and found that you were not near the boss or had little contribution to be eligible for the loot box. Due this, we are not able to provide you with any rewards. Thank you for understanding.

If you have other issues, please do not hesitate to contact us again.


GM Raphael
NCSOFT Support Team

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It's not a matter of actually attacking/hitting the boss. I know this because I didn't get a single hit on him this past weekend as I spent the whole time healing my no-cleric group. However, I was within 25m of the boss at all times. How far away were you? EDIT: Never mind, I see you say you were right next to him.

I have not gotten the Tetran Supply Box for the past three weeks, but have always gotten it after putting in a support ticket. Also, I always include a screenshot of my combat log showing that the boss has been killed and that I should have received the box. Some people say they don't include screenshots with their tickets, but it certainly proves I was there.

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14 minutes ago, Asniel-DN said:

I was in your alliance and same group, took screenshots from boss, i can send them to you, PM me here or in game so i can send them to you if you need them.

Appreciated I do have screenshots also I have sent them emails every week in regards to this without screenshots without problems I got another reply and this time it said I have not completed the said instance. So after that reply I sent in the screenshots and not long ago I received an email which said "Upon further investigation, we have verified that you were unable to receive the Kenovikan Supply Box after defeating Sturdy Kenovikan.To resolve the issue, we've gone ahead and restored it to your character "Constellation" and you should able to see the item within 24 hours. Please refrain from logging in during the process. 

So I am guessing it's a mistype and they are going to give me the box.



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