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possible drop rate issue


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Location:  Bruthonin, Vigrid plains

mobs:  Elyos NPC's

issue: wandered in at level 19 because hey I wanna farm the dispassionate leather set for my Ranger to be.  Specifically targeting "guardian fighters" (lvl25) (running Solo)

I have not had anything drop other then Kinah.. guardian badges and flux's.  AFter 30 kills..!!!!   While I realize the dispassionate armor is supposed to be an uncommon drop (green item)

it's not supposed to be that damn rare!  I'm expecting a drop rate of 1 in 10 mobs instead of zero.

Thankyou for  consideration.

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addendum.. just as a by the by.. poor drop rate just make the job of real money traders that much easier.   Hard for hard sake is not a good solution for creating challenge.

12 years and dev team hasn't figured this out yet?  And look at all the money that the RMT's are getting that NCSoft is NOT.

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