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Imagine of a way Aion retail could be successful launch at 6.0


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After the launch of Aion classic I learned now what we actually want not classic just a fair game without p2w elements.

Aion 6.0 could be the most successful reboot ever if.
-You can't buy anything from shop that affected to your stats or gameplay.
-Instance wasn't designed with legendary/ultimate transform in mind.
-Essence stuff to gameplay tradable and dropping in game including skills (Like transform contract,daveanion skillbook)
-You can craft transformation potions and sell it via broker including transparent version the advantage of contact is transform collection stats.
-Shop that full of skins including in game NPCs selling skins.
-No compensate anything from 5.8 era items (tempering,omega,+30 gears)
-Perma luna instances like must be gone(only acceptable as events)

So my conclusion is any games that build with p2w in mind will always fail no matter what. MMORPG can't made with p2w as essence game play no matter longevity or profit. I think companies need to accept that. Or perhaps If they do not then we players have to accept as long as we supporting p2w games, there will be whales ,will be unfair and endless raging like this.

Thank you I hope everyone happy 🙂❤️🖐️

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I respectfully disagree. A lot of people do want Classic, but also a non p2w game.

NCSoft really gutted what made Aion the game it was and what Classic currently is. Please NC, don't do the same on Classic servers. Don't nerf our character creation, don't nerf rifting, don't delete entire zones.

I wouldn't go back to playing Live servers if I was paid to.

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Hi Thank you for your response 2s65F09

I'm perfectly ok if you think different than me or disagree.
I don't think there's any hope left for NC maybe it needs some kind of a catastrophe to NC to make them change their way. But that will never happen if we don't change ourselves first. We want everything to change to please us but we never try to change ourselves. P2W happened in the first place and still now because people supporting it from the beginning supporting doesn't only mean you have to pay so much to be a whale yourself, supporting p2w can be as simply playing in p2w games. If you playing it you're a part of the system and keep p2w going on forever even watching stream about p2w games do supporting that. Majority of people think supporting someone only come in a form of money but no even talking about it, watch about it all supporting this. How do you think Google generate so much money from simply when you search something on internet for free ? I'll not give direct answer here because when you stop thinking and stop find an answer yourself you're a basic mindless zombie so to become human again you need to think.

Thank you for reading 😊

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I remember a similar thread months ago, and here's the main issue with 6.0:

- Deletion of maps prevents people from exploring the world, instead locks them down to follow a predetermined pattern created by NCSOFT and forcing players to follow the path step by step.
- Lack of lore made the game completely lackluster and uninspiring, and this is mainly linked with the first point.
- Transformation system is what caused Live servers to collapse to begin with. It was no longer Aion about race vs race, the Abyss, the Balaur, etc, primary focus was gaining those strong transformations to overpower your enemy. Quickest way to do that was spending money, while many had little access to it unless blessed by events.
- Compensation of gears was not the main issue.

Games are a competition in Korea. When they made Aion f2p in the West with 3.0, they needed some sort of quick income to cover the numbers, ultimately this sprawled out of complete control in 6.0 when Korea went f2p. They've seen they can make a quicker buck by adding p2w than subscription model, and this is the current state of the game. Create a problem, sell the solution.

They couldn't release 6.0 anew anyway because it runs on the same database as 5.8 did and 7.9 does now, therefore those deleted items are gone forever, unless they had the brain to back it all up. It wouldn't be beneficial to them at all to re-do the whole thing, specially starting with 6.0. You can solve a lot of the issues with that patch, yes, but the damage in itself is done and the cut is too deep, the game has bled for years now.

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Hi @Kubei-DN thanks for the reply.

Well at this point I don't believe any classic or any games can survived from p2w monetized even a game like mario 1 you can make it very p2w if you want to. But vice versa I believed a game that heavily made to be p2w can be reverse back to enjoyable state as well. I don't think Aion 6.0(Not 7.9 version) was too mess up if they wanna fix they could but they didn't want it.(Not that easily to fix tho)

I think Aion classic NA is an experimental model how to extorting more money from players. They don't care about profit from NA.
If someone treating you this bad and all talking done I think final solution is divorce.

And yes I think a similar thread months ago was made by me too so yep sorry if you feel offend by that.

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Hi I would like to update my thought on custom contents on original classic.

I see many private servers with I think it's good custom contents but I can say all of them none make it into main stream only retail like made it into main steam with decent players base. Retail like isn't even good in my opinion with super fast leveling from 1-65 in couple days with exp amulet and events but people actually like it. It's clearly people will not accept any change that made by unofficial servers. It's quite amusing for me that everyone wants thing to be better but nobody really want to change anything. We always see profit of ourselves first if we stronger faster even just numbers we happy already despite they upgraded mobs and bosses when you see higher numbers too. It's just an illusion you never really stronger just more numbers. 

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I would like to add some more of my thought about marketing ,manipulation.

Maybe just maybe the classic forums allowing guests to post is not just laziness ,bugs or anything but actually intended I see an attempt try to make majority accepting p2w as normalize thing to do. Manipulating doesn't only come in form from official stance but also come in normal customers we can see many things like this outside gaming such as some retail hiring people to write good review on their products on Amazon or some graphics card/processor company paid some review website to bias against their competitors even paid game company to add very high graphics option to justify their flagship graphics card.(You might not even notice medium and ultra setting different) 

Downplay on candy kinah buying in classic is absolutely first step to make people accept p2w. It maybe kinah today tomorrow maybe manastones or enchantment stones and they will claim that if you skilled enough you still can win.(Perhaps less than 10% can do that). From history anything fancy that were optional(Plume,Linked stigma,Enchanted stimga etc) that NC added to Aion will be a requirement to play the game later.

Aion classic is just an experiment how to manipulate people to pay more price willingly more than they really should.
Well what a long day 😄😁😉

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