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New SM questions


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I couldn't find any SM posts/guide that isn't 2-3-4-5 years old and since the game changes a lot i decided to post here!


1. When soloing with SM, how do people keep aggro with the pet?

2. Best skills/stigma to use for PvE while lvling up? And if you can, order of skills you use to exp to keep aggro on your pet?

I've never really played mage type characters, played tanks for 12-13 years on Lineage 2, and most of the time i've played Aion i was Templar or Chanter. I'm lvl 36 SM at the moment and my pets literally do close to no damage at all.. like 100-150 dmg per hit max? my pet loses aggro as soon as i use a single spell.. :/

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 To make your pet keep the aggro ,avoid use skills like  weaken spirit, soul torret and stone scour, or vacum choke, and  use only dots  like erosion , chain of earth, cyclone of wrath , infernal pain. and pet skills  like -Spirit disturbance-, spirit burn to ashes  ,Spirit erosion ,Spirit ruinous offensive and the pet skill that increase the enmty of your spirit "Spirit pique" (it works better with earth spirit.)  


The best stigmas to play in solo  and level , for  a SM are :  Armor spirit -  Healing spirit - Spirit ruinous offensive -Cyclone of wrath-  Spirit burn to ashes- Enmty Swap   


But, if you are level 36 sm, things get harder, you cant use a lot of the skills you need and ... yes,your pet does  realy low damage. For your level tho, Fire bolt is still a good skill to use, and   you already can use Fear and Root, which help  you a lot


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