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Leveling guide for Templar lvl 35+

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Guest Thedee

Hello I'm curious if anyone could give me advice for leveling 35 and above. Should I be grinding dungeons, grinding mobs or questing

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At 35 as a templar it can be a bit hard to level, FT stops being as profitable and it's not as easy to solo grind. My suggestion would be 3 man FT with a solid DPS and a cleric until you hit 37, then moving to Mist Mane mobs. Following this me (glad) and my wife (cleric) and friend (chanter) went from 35-40 in two days during the exp event.

If you don't have a decent group to run with my legion has some players in that level range who'd welcome a templar to their groups. Just whisper Jeskal, Magincina, or Tandri in game and we can work on getting you some folks to run with. (Or a legion if you're interested XD)

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