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I was determined on doing all 40 floors in Crucible Spire, 5 CoE runs, 5 ToE runs, 10 BoS runs and grind all the way to level 75 on my Gunner yesterday. I couldn't accomplish anything due to lag. Can

https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/comment/235983/#Comment_235983 ^ pretty decent thread really. One person mentioned that Comcast itself was being DDoS'd last night.

@Cyan    The DDOS attacks must still be going on we're still getting major lag spikes and DC's... is there any chance we can get the Pumpkin event extended due to this?


I know a lot of players have lost instance runs due to DC's or Lag so terrible that majority of party members said "Screw this" and just gave up trying to play. It also seems like quite a few ppl that have taken the time to submit reports to support just get a "We are aware of the situation and are currently working on it" auto response with no compensation for the loss of runs making most players affected not even bother to waste time writing in reports anymore and making most of us very frustrated and angry with the support staff.

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Finally just gave up today. Fine, DDoS blah blah...can cope for a day, maybe two, but we're coming up on an entire week of this nonsense.  Its impossible to get into anything serious out of fear of a sudden DC. The rubberbanding is maddening.

Nah, till this gets sorted out, (if and when that happens), I'm done.

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1 hour ago, Aroch-DN said:

Crucible Spire got a new level of difficulty with that lags, stoped at 36-37 floor by my twins because of lags and w8ing on my main in hope what it's will fixed before maintenance.


Me too, lost Crucible Spire by the lag, they killed me without being able to do anything, or cure me, or beat me, or anything :(

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Day 6 of the DDOS attacks... still massive lag and DC's with no compensation from support or the Aion team.... This really sucks! I actually took last Friday off from work cause I wanted to take advantage of this 400% xp buff but I guess that was a waste of PTO...


Seriously NCsoft give us some kind of update or something! Leaving us in the dark like this is just adding to our frustration, also compress your update information sources, for example: If you post something on twitter, post it on FB and Forums too. Don't just not post anything on FB, forums just say to go to Twitter or post some reply on forums, but different reply on twitter... either consolidate and only use one platform for announcements, server repair status, and updates or share the same information evenly among all platforms. I am sick and tired of having to dig around on different webpages just to find the information I am looking for, make things EASY for your players/costumers!




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idk if this relates to this problem, but today my game is going crazy lol. it takes like 5 minutes to load a single item in. its not loading in anything. (im on lowest setting now)


and yesterday my stigma reward from "Stigma 101" did not come to my inventory so idk if thats related as well bcuz i was lagging and rubberbaning alot yesterday

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