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My first siege, heres how it went (has question)

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Guest Devils Lawyer

Ive played classic for a week now and its all been smooth sailing, i was standing in a litteral ocean of Elyos players and everything was peachy.

But the second we ran into equally large number of Asmos my game went from smooth sailing to the equvivalent of having a phone call with someone on Mars.

Any action i took was followed by a 15-20 second delay followed by a disconnect every 5 minutes to the point where i just gave up.

and yes i did the shift + f12 to hide players.


So according to some people u can uncap the fps via third party program, is this allowed or will it get you in trouble?


Ive played many games and mmos on american servers but never had this much lag and if there is no way to fix it then the main reason to play this game goes out the window and me with it im afraid.

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My first Classic siege too, shift + f12 good hardware, FPS sitting around 30 - 40 in the big battles but kept getting disconnected 5 times as soon as I got near the big bunch of Asmos, the FPS was still good, flying smoothly yet I DC. That doesn't happen to me in Aion 7.9 during a siege.


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