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Dark age of gaming ?


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Hi I would like to discuss something outside Aion today.

Well I was searching on second dark age information internet. Many people giving a lot of definitions of dark age but one catch my eyes.
"Dark age is when people believed in something from internet because they want to believe without checking any supporting evidences or static"

Well I couldn't help but completely agree look at Aion as example when people try to play Aion they look on youtube for best builds best way to farm money best way to pvp. There's no one try to find a way to play the game themselves ,if streamers telling them something it must be absolutely truth ,there's no other way to leveling beside BT with exp amulet. Nobody should questing at all because it's stupid. In the end what we have is a completely clueless player who reached max level and have no idea how to play the game. I don't even noticed when definition of fun is now changed into killing everybody on sight and doing highest dps in instances there's no other way around to have fun. Anyone who try to play the game other ways will be nothing but an idiot and wasted of time. To conclude this it means now everybody stop thinking and believe what internet says without a doubt ,at one point if internet says you need to kill someone to extend your own life or donate for next life in paradise. I think everybody will believe and commit without thinking.

I believe this dark age can be stop by stop believing experts or any pro. You can try to think yourself try your own way of playing even it's stupid and slow. It's much better than be a pro zombie where elites dictate you everything in your life because you just too lazy to think for yourself.

Thank you for your interesting 😄❤️😃

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