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Blocked Account. Using of VPN


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Hello, my ingame name is Vankre!

First of all apologies for my english as its not my native language

Yesterday my account has been blocked with no aparent reason. I looked for an email but i received none.

I sent an email to both Aion Support and the NCSoft Appeal Team 14hs ago but didnt get any answer yet

The only reason of this block that comes to my mind is im using Reducethelag as my VPN to improve my ping (I live in Argentina). I think this has happened to me or my brother back when we used to play Wildstar for the same reason, can't remember

I really want my account to be unblocked, i did not use any cheat or bot program (in fact i reported every bot i saw spamming on LFG)

I payed more than $30 for the Daeva Pack due to taxes and  i was willing to keep paying each month

I hope someone listens to me.


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