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Would love to have some 4k wallpapers, although instead of the 4.0 character of the above, have some characters in Anuhart armor set with Tahabata weapons to keep with the version of the game will soon be in. 

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Upscaling the 1080p wouldn't be that hard especially since this is digital graphics. Some wallpapers are gorgeous.

This one below is one of my favorites because it is one of the few ones that a mage looking character is not a lolita girl on a skimpy outfit or a super nerdy kpop looking char.

Aion has failed sorcerers every possible way so far, including in depiction, but a few are epic and some of the earlier depictions are also good (like the blue image below the red one)



They always made leathers look good, like assassins and archer (archers for their bows mostly). Nice poses as well.


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