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These are not NA servers these are east coast servers in NA.


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Going on a couple weeks now. Ping is 110+banding to 200ms here where i live in Cali. without some kind of fiber internet, I'm not gonna keep up. I have the best internet I can have in the area. With this ping if your not a caster pvp is not fun. Even then, west coast suffers a huge handicap. I just want to see green connection man. NA SERVER?! Don't lie to me bro. I was super excited about this coming to NA, but I can't deal with this ping, not again..  NC you're not just losing people to candy, but also to really terrible server support. Is there any movement to getting more coverage in NA, or is this the best it's gonna get during this 1.0-2.7 classic Devolution? Also, My friends in Hawaii and Alaska say hello too! 

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  • Aion Team

FWIW, VPN services are officially allowed, we will not ban a person for using them.

However, we strongly recommend against using them because doing so puts you at risk of various factors which neither you, nor NC can control because you are connecting via a third party service which could lead to your account being banned.

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