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Weekly Server Maintenance - July 14, 2021


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  • Aion Team

Hi everyone,

Weekly maintenance begins tomorrow starting at 6am Server Time (4am PT / 7am ET / 12pm UTC) and is expected to last approximately 3 hours 15 minutes. During this maintenance we will make the following changes:

Thank you 🙏 and stay tuned later this week for more news.

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I am pretty sure the 50 players left in retail will be please to see a p2participate event and an afk botting recycled instance. Well it is apparent that the only focus is the classic atm  given that it makes shitload of money !

Anyway the easter egg is that we will get the 7.9. However, we havent seen some very good events the were rolled out in EU servers.


Feels bad for the time invested in retail.

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It is time to review those prizes that are with the event coins, they should implement another jewelry, such as AOA or more accessible for legendary transformations, and the set should also change it for another since currently that set can be taken out by IDD As well as the minions to be able to buy without the need for that lock, the orange pot (I don't remember the name) to get the pvp set should also put it so everyone is better equipped and more balanced, and why not cubic too, other regions have best prizes with event coins.

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Not long time ago i told my friends that when NC West starts to sell Paragon +8 gear i would end my time in Aion forever.. i gonna wait and see how this event gonna work, and decide if i will sadly finally uninstall Aion or gonna continue to contribute along with the 30 players online everyday in retail.

For those which dont understood yet:

Paragon +8 gear is stronger than Truestorm and Bittertorn.. if u have a single piece of it, u gonna have more stats of a ordinary player at the current patch.

Paragon +8 gear gonna be revamped at 8.0 and gonna have pretty much the same stats of the new 8.0 gear.. that means if u have a Paragon +8 piece right now, u already gonna have the best piece from 8.0 already.

But, if u have lucky (or much money) and have a +9+ piece, u already gonna have a better piece than a full 8.0 geared person before the patch even starts. Now imagine a person whi like to spend tons of money, and hipoteticly have the entire +9 set... oh yeah.. that person gonna be stronger than ANY person in 8.0 already, and the patch dont even came to NA.

Giving a Paragon +8 piece is the dumbest possible idea, despite of the retail server situation... you gonna contribute to kill even more your server. :)

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Ok @Kibbelz

The rate to get a +7 Ice Cube is INSANELY low.. i must thank you guys to make it extremely rare to get.

And even if a person get a +7 box, there is more RNG to get a +8 Paragon equipment set.

Thank you for not destroy the gear balance of upcoming 8.0 

(and please read your pm :P)

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