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aionHUD - simple addon for usefull data statistics.


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Hello everyone,

I made simple addon for self that gives usefull statistics like XP/AP per hour, gain overtime, time to level up, time to rank up, how much XP and AP lost during death (also in PVP). I decided to share it with other users for free. Currently app is written in C# and use game memmory data reading, i can share source code for anyone interested.  I asked support if this kind of program can be considered as not allowed and according to their response, that kind of addon is accepted. HUD only read two game parameters: current XP and AP and based on their change calculate all statistics.  Aion is old game but still very playable and i want to make this experience more user friendly. What you think about it? Do you have any improvement ideas? 

I created aionHUD page to show more details.


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