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Dear NCsoft, Want to make more Money and not loose your player base?


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12 hours ago, Jagblade-DN said:

Honestly? This. I don't care much for MMO PvP, I don't have the time to dedicate to that gear grind. I just wanted the things you've said.

All I wanted were the old maps, old quests, old lore, old items / skins and old professions back. I don't care of the maps are dead or if it's not an efficient way to day things. Just give me the option and I'm content. Honestly, I was hoping classic would be all of these things BUT with some major QoL upgrades from more modern patches. The rose tinted goggles have fallen off very, very quickly.

And the weird thing is we were told that they will have better QoL since we got the 2.7 client thus some things would be already there.

The only reason they put the 2.7 client is because this it heir final update at least officially for now and thus we won't need a major patch update, every Wednesday maintenance should do it while they add content. Which tells me they could have had the QoL already there, they just wouldn't bother.

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