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Aion November Preview

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35 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

It's always that way, @Azzmaria-KT. We get a really really good and rewarding event and then something smaller.

Looks like Kumuki is back to the "old version" where it's mostly an xp event (and we have double xp for it) with the rewards being ap and medals. Not -bad- rewards. But nothing was going to hold a candle to a full end-game armor set.

yes. I know

but I´m not complaining or something. It is good to have a wide variety of events and content, so everyone can be happy sometimes with those more focused on what they need or like. I´m just having some fun with the conversation that was started before comparing both events.

And about the exp from kumuki´s, I´m not so sure. I think that somebody said the exp comes from quest. Usually quest´s rewards are not modified with exp or drop buffs. But they also said something about 2 billion exp from those quest (or I saw that on a link they shared? ), so still is a nice amount. 

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